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The Founding of Halat Electric

Established in 2016, Halat Electric LTD. strives to provide exceptional services in Calgary and surrounding areas. We believe not only in providing top-quality services, but also in building strong relationships with our clients so that the words honest, reliable, and trustworthy come to mind when they think of us.

To us, it’s not just a 9-to-5 job; electrical is our passion. It’s our passion to light up a room, it’s our passion to see a client’s face light up (no pun intended) when a job exceeds their imagination, and it’s our passion to help make a house a home.

We started Halat Electric LTD. because we were tired of hearing stories about clients being taken advantage of by contractors. High-quality electrical had to be made an affordable luxury to all. For this reason, we take pride in pricing all services with the client in mind. At Halat Electric LTD. we’re proud to be the contractor that clients can trust and rely on to deliver quality work.


Why Choose Us


With electrical, the possibilities are endless. We continuously strive to learn and keep up to date on new products, services and solutions in order to serve you better.

Electrical Enthusiasts

We love what we do. It’s as simple as that. Big or small, each and every job is treated with the same level of importance.


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge, affordable prices, and passion to provide you with an unforgettable, joyful experience.


To us at Halat Electric LTD., it’s not just about making a profit. It’s about providing a service we love and building connections with our clients that will last a lifetime.


As the saying goes, “Time is money.” You can always count on us to execute the job efficiently and correctly the first time.


With electrical, you can never be too safe. All our work complies with the Canadian Electrical Code to help keep our employees and clients safe.


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Licensed, Fully Insured, & WCB

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