Solar Panels vs Hail Storms: Risks, Protection, and Peace of Mind

solar panels vs hail storms

As solar energy grows popular, homeowners in hail-prone areas (like Calgary and Airdrie) may worry about potential damage. This blog discusses solar panels vs hail storms… their durability against hail, steps to mitigate risks, insurance considerations, and working with installers to ensure confidence in your solar investment.  With the increasing adoption of rooftop solar panels as a […]

Can Solar Panels Work In Winter? Your Calgary Solar Panel Guide

do solar panels work in winter in Calgary

With over 325 days of sun per year, Calgary is an excellent location for solar power. However, many Calgarians wonder if solar panels still work efficiently during Calgary’s cold, snowy winters. There’s a common myth that solar panels become useless under a blanket of snow. In reality, solar panels can still generate electricity in the […]

Is Solar Panel Installation Free?

is solar panel installation free

The allure of “free” solar panels can be pretty captivating as many Calgary homeowners look to reduce rising energy costs. And while many companies may advertise their solar panel installation services as free, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership. Generally, these “free” panels are part of solar lease agreements or power purchase […]

The Solar Panel Installation Process: From Assessment to Activation

solar panel installation process

Solar power is one of the most sustainable and reliable energy sources today. And for homeowners in Calgary, installing a solar panel system can reduce their carbon footprint and substantially cut their electricity costs. Yet many Calgary residents are unsure if solar panel installation is right for them. Fears of the cost, process, and time […]

What Places on My Home Can Solar Panels be Installed?

what places on my home can I install solar panels

Solar power has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Installing solar panels is a significant investment, and choosing the right location to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness is essential.    While many opt for roof-mounted solar panels, there are several other places […]

Maximizing Your Solar Investment: Tips for Optimal Performance and Savings

maximize your solar investment tips and tricks

Are you part of Calgary’s growing community of eco-conscious residents harnessing the sun’s power for their homes? If so, you’ve invested wisely in the environment and your finances. But did you know there are ways to maximize the benefits of your solar installation even further?   At Halat Electric, our team is passionate about helping […]

Solar Panels: Are They Worth It In Calgary?

are solar panels worth it in Calgary

Calgary, known for its picturesque landscapes, fluctuating weather, and thriving energy industry, has recently seen an uptick in a different kind of energy source: solar power.    As more residents of Calgary consider the transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle, the question on many minds is, “Are solar panels worth it?”  At first glance, investing […]

Harnessing Solar Energy: The Benefits of Solar Panel Installations in Calgary

benefits of solar panel installations in Calgary

As a bustling city and the center of Canada’s oil and gas industry, Calgary is no stranger to the importance of energy. In fact, Calgary has some of the highest electricity prices in the entire country. But when it comes to energy production, Calgary is well-positioned to take advantage of one of the most abundant […]