Customer Challenge:
During a renovation, the installation of a switch to control the bath fan and furnace fan for air circulation was overlooked. The original contractor didn’t include it, and adding it later without significant damage to the drywall seemed challenging.

Innovative Solution:
Upon assessment, we faced the dilemma of adding the switch without resorting to cutting out sections of drywall and running new wiring. We proposed an innovative solution using wireless switching technology, avoiding any need for invasive wall alterations.

Implementation Process:
We installed a specific brand of switches that required a main switch installation. One switch was placed near the furnace, and another was installed in the bathroom. Additionally, a wireless remote was strategically placed in the hallway. This setup allowed the wireless remote to control both the bath fan and the furnace fan, while the individual switches in the bathroom and furnace room managed their respective areas.

No Wall Damage:
A key advantage of our solution was the avoidance of any wall damage. Not a single hole needed to be cut in the drywall, preserving the integrity of the renovated spaces.

Code Compliance:
Our installation was fully compliant with electrical codes, ensuring not only a functional solution but also one that met all safety standards.

Cost Savings and Appreciation:
By sidestepping the need for extensive patching and repairs, we saved the customer a significant amount of money. They were highly appreciative of the fact that our solution not only worked seamlessly but also spared them from the inconvenience and costs associated with repairing damaged walls.

Long-Term Success:
The wireless switching solution has proven to be reliable and efficient, providing the homeowners with convenient control over their bath and furnace fans without compromising the aesthetics of their recently renovated spaces.