Customer Challenge:
A customer wanted to install a hot tub but faced a challenge—their home lacked the electrical capacity to support such an addition. If they exceeded their electricity capacity, the entire house’s main breaker would trip, causing an outage.

Innovative Solution:
Rather than opting for an expensive upgrade of their entire electrical system, we proposed a cost-effective solution. We installed a device from Alberta that connects to the main wires. This device allows the hot tub to turn on only when the household electricity usage is below 80%. It prevents overloading and ensures a seamless experience for the customer.

Installation Process:
Our team skillfully wired the device into the hot tub system and integrated it with the main house wires. This careful installation ensures that everything functions seamlessly.

Regulatory Compliance:
As part of our commitment to safety and compliance, we obtained the necessary permits for the work. The City of Calgary conducted a thorough inspection, and our installation passed all regulatory requirements.

Cost Savings:
Our solution saved the customer from a substantial expense, offering a practical and efficient alternative to a complete system upgrade.

Customer Satisfaction:
The customer was impressed not only with the cost-effectiveness but also the technical ingenuity of our solution. They appreciated the “geekiness” of the device and found it to be an amazing and reliable fix for their needs.

Long-Term Success:
Several years later, the system continues to work flawlessly, providing the customer with a reliable and cost-efficient way to enjoy their hot tub without the need for a major electrical upgrade.